2005 Cabernet Sauvignon - Magnum

Pours a deep garnet; black cherries and blackberries are found in the bouquet.  Bright cherry, plum, and berry flavors greet the palate, along with cassis and a touch of cedar.  Nice finish eases along...  Lovely with fine meats and rich blue cheeses.  Master cuvee includes Lone Oak, Valley View, and George’s Vineyard, our three Cabernet Sauvignon plantings. $92/club members


The 2005 growing season was wetter than normal by 23%, with 36 inches total rain: 24" in November and December, plus less than 4" in January and February, led into an early spring and budbreak. A cold and wet April, however, delayed fruitset. Summer was nice enough, followed by a hot spell in September; we began harvest mid-month.