Library Selection - 2005 Cabernet Franc

For all you Cabernet Franc fans out there, this is a library wine you will love!  Originally released in 2008, this library offering still pours a gorgeous garnet color in your glass.  Some of the characteristic Cab Franc briar notes greet you alongside shy fruit nuances that awaken and reveal beautifully as the wine opens.  Soft across the palate, cherry and raspberry notes emerge next to subtle brown spices with a finish that eases off into the sunset.  Only 576 cases were originally produced, making this library release all the more special.  $64 bottle; Club Price $51.20/bottle

And here's from the original 2008 Club release letter:

This wine is made from unblended, 100% estate-grown, cellared and bottled grapes.  Lovely garnet color.  In the nose, blackberries, cranberries, and a touch of white peppercorns.  The wine has a soft, smoot mouth-feel with cherries, raspberries cloves, cinnamon, and that telltale signature of briar that distinguishes Cabernet Franc.  The finish is lovely and lingers.....

Harvest & Cellar:  

The grapes were picked by hand, destemmed, and fermented in a small lot temperature-controlled stainless steel fermentor with gentle hand punchdown or pumpover down four times a day.  After pressing, the wine went through 100% malolactic fermentation and 11 months of barrel aging.


The 2005 growing season was wetter than normal by 23%, with 36 inches total rain: 24" in November and December, plus less than 4" in January and February, led into an early spring and budbreak. A cold and wet April, however, delayed fruitset. Summer was nice enough, followed by a hot spell in September; we began harvest mid-month.