2012 P-47 Thunderbolt (Syrah/Cab Sauvignon)

This P-47 blend is a deep red gem with a nose of dark red fruits, cassis, and cedar edges. In the mouth, you find blackberries, dark purple plum, just a hint of marjoram, and well-smoked meats.  A nice, easy finish follows – relaxing for a big red! 64% Syrah, 36% Cabernet Sauvignon.


An inch of rain in October 2011 gave the vines a nice post-harvest boost, but no rain fell until February 2012, and that was less than two inches.  Nineteen inches under average was cause for concern, however almost 10 inches of late season rain in March and April provided a good drink as the growing season got underway.  With temperatures into the 90s in April and May plus a few days over 100 in June, the first months were warmer than normal and the shoots really pushed out.  By August, average temperatures peaked at 70, then started the slow decline into fall for a classic, long growing season.  Another temperature spike above 100 in October just before harvest was over.  Although total rain was less than 15 inches, those late spring rains ensured a good yield of high quality fruit that matured nicely over the growing season.