Cabernet Franc Dessert Wine (375ml)

Can you believe this Port-style fortified wine spent 10 years in two barrels in our cellar until we opted to bottle it this year? From its 2006 Cabernet Franc naissance, this is now a rich tawny-red color with earthy aromas of mature fruit and north side forest moss.  The palate is greeted with ripe blackberries and raspberries, home-made caramel and spicy notes that bring visions of chili truffles from the chocolatier we all wish lived down the street!   Enjoy with rich ripe cheeses or creamy intense chocolate.  


The rainfall for 2005-2006 was 38.9 inches, about 34% above average. Early rain in November and December gave the plants a good start for wintering. Had a cold spell in mid-February, but the Viognier was fine. Heavy March rains continued into April, giving the vineyard a good watering up to middle spring. A 100+ heat spell in early July followed by a cooler than average summer ensured fruit ripening and long hang time before harvest.