2011 Cabernet Sauvignon (90 pts)

Fermentation and Aging:

The 2011 vintage started late which gave our grapes plenty of hang time in the SCM’s ideal autumn weather.  Case in point is our Two Vineyards Cabernet.  Picking in the Valley View and Lone Oak vineyards didn’t commence until 11/8 and 11/9 respectively. Fermentation wasn’t complete until 11/29---after Black Friday!  The long growing season and fermentation facilitated a rich and nuanced flavor profile in our 2011 Two Vineyards Cab.   As with all of wines, this red was produced in our open top fermentors right behind the Fruit House (tasting room).  Daily pump-overs tailored for color and tannin extraction were aided by November’s natural temperature control:   warm days and brisk nights.  313 cases were bottled in July 2013. 12.8% alcohol.  Retail price: $45; Club price: $36


15 inches of rain in November and December 2010 gave the vines a good post-harvest soaking. Another 20 inches in January to March repeated last year’s assurance there would be plenty of water in the soil. The inch plus in April and May posed potential hazard to cluster development, but was not a problem. In total, the vines received just over 30 inches of rain, slightly above average. The growing season that followed – spring temperatures slightly above average, a cooler summer and a mild fall - gave the grapes a wonderful growing season.