Direct Shipping of Wine to Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania wine consumers may now purchase wine over the Internet from a licensed Direct Wine Shipper and have it shipped to the Wine & Spirits Store of their choice.

Consumers may not purchase more than 9 liters per month from a single Direct Wine Shipper. 

We will add a shipping charge, and must add a $4.50 handling fee, Pennsylvania's 18% liquor tax, 6% sales tax (and 2% sales tax in Philadelphia or 1% Allegheny counties).


If you are unable to pick up the order in person, you may designate another person, who must also be at least 21 years of age, to pick up your order. 

After you place your order, print a copy of the receipt and bring it to the store when picking up your order, as it will be required in order to receive your merchandise. 

Receiving Your Order

When the product arrives at the Wine & Spirits Store you selected, the manager will call you to inform you of the order status. You will have 30 days from the day that you are notified to pick up your purchase.
When you or the person you designate, arrive at the store to pick up the merchandise, the store personnel will inspect the product with you, to ensure that your order is correct.
You (or your designee) will sign an affidavit stating that you are 21 or over and that the wine is for personal consumption.

Damaged or incorrect merchandise
When the order arrives at the store, the receiving personnel will inspect the order for damage/accuracy. Any problems will be noted, and store personnel will let you know about the problems when they notify you of the delivery. The PLCB is not responsible for any problems that occur prior to delivery, and any returns/adjustments must be arranged with us.
If the damage occurs after the PLCB has received the merchandise, the PLCB will notify you. The PLCB will send a reimbursement check directly to you.